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Pinball Mod Talk Episode 2

Proving the bookies wrong, Davey and Rob manage to make it to Episode 2.

11/21/20231 min read

Proving the bookies wrong, Davey and Rob manage to make it to Episode 2 of their brand new pinball mods podcast without killing each other or blowing anything important up. We class that as a win, and we hope you do too!

In this Episode

2:52 Davey regales us with his mildy amusing take on life in the burbs

7:03 We spin the pinball mod making wheel and take a critical look at Fishtales and Stranger Things for new mod making potential. What have these games got to offer for the intrepid mod maker, and is there commercial potential in looking at them? Only our half baked commentary will reveal the answer! If you have a machine that you would like us to cast an eye over, get in touch and we'll add it to the Wheel O' Games.

New pinball mods!

29:31 The Art of Pinball – The Big Lebowski "Toilet Scoop" pinball mod. Can a toilet mod win the day? Lior drops the first of his Lebowski mods made for his new Dutch Pinball collab.

37:24 TPMF Elvira House of Horrors "The Gappa Angry" pinball mod. Dutch Duo shift focus onto Elvira and tease their imposing new interactive sculpt.

42:37 CRCades Venom "Ravencroft Institute" pinball mod. Venom mods start gaining steam with CRCades announcing his comic book accurate take on the Ravencroft gates.

48:05 Swinks Ghostbusters "Fire House" pinball mod. Heavyweight mod maker Swinks continues to drop Ghostbusters bombs with his new interactive and movie accurate Fire House.