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Pinball Mod Talk Episode 7: Are mods to blame for barren playfields?

Rob & Davey are back for Episode 7; where we'll talk about all the new mods we didn't get to last time.

2/12/20241 min read

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Davey & Rob, undisputed pinball modding champions and king of the ding dongs, are all fired up this week and ready to unleash feigned hell on half baked opinions and misplaced accusations. Think pinball manufacturers base their business decisions on market research, historical precedent and risk management? Think again baby! They base it on us!

We discuss all the ways that this is a totally sane opinion, as well as covering all the latest and greatest pinball mods that have come out this week. Mods so good, your next game will have nothing on the playfield at all!

Mods covered this week:

  • Mezel Mods announce their Jaws mods, using post it notes!

  • CabCustom shows off the prototype of their Jaws Orca mod 

  • Interactive Pinball teases their Jaws Ball eater mod for the Pro